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Today I am going to share something interesting about the Netflix series Better Than Us Season 2 and its expected release date.

“Better Than Us” is a Russian tv show which is the creation of Andrei Jankowski. Comes under the production of yellow black and white along with sputnik bestow production.

It comes on Russian state channel C1R. Netflix bought the series from the channel but changed the title to an English one Better Than Us.

Paulina Andreeva as Arisa
Paulina Andreeva as Arisa


Better Than Us Season 2: Plot

This series is welcomed by all, as the plot of the series is entirely new and involves great science fiction.  It takes us to the year 2029 and therefore is new in concept.

In 2029, robots have become an ordinary part of humans. They help erase children’s work as personal drivers’ security guards.

For most people, bots are just soulless machines that perform routine work but they also become capable of emotions.

Paulina Andreeva
Paulina Andreeva

A group of rebels known as the liquidators rejects life with the bots and they are ready to shed human blood in their war against the machines.

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Better Than Us Season 2: Release Date

This is the first show on Netflix that is of Russian origin and is, therefore, one of the big states taken by Netflix.

It was on August 16, 2019, when the show was available on market outside Russia and China. Indeed the show continues to receive good reviews from critics but what about better than us season 2.

The debut season of the series was a merger of two seasons. The season was two seasons merged into one by Netflix. Hence the fans are waiting for better than us season 2 which will be the third season of the series.

Better Than Us Netflix
Better Than Us Netflix

But according to the Netflix platform, this will the second one. Netflix has not announced the arrival of better than us season 2, but we can expect the series any time before and after the year 2022.

Hence the fans need to wait for the second season.

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As for the cast of the series, we still have no confirmation as to who will star in better than us season 2. But it could be a possibility that the story from the previous season continues in better than us season 2.

So, it could be that the cast of the series is repeated. The cast of the previous season is versatile and includes:

  • Paulina Andreeva as Arisa- An empathetic bot from the new generation.
  • Kirill Käro as Georgie Safranov– A pathologist and a former surgeon and is the father of Aegor and Sonja.
  • Alexander Ust Lugoff as Victor Toripov- The director of Kronos.
  • Olga Lomonosova as Alla Safronov- Ex-wife of Georgie
  • Eldar Kalimulin as Igor Safronov- The son of Georgie and Alla 
  • Vitaliya Kornienko as Sonya Safronova-  The daughter of Georgie and Alla
  • Alexander Kuznetsov as Bars Barcenouf- A bartender at the club liquidators and is the brother of Shaun’s.
  • Vera Panfilova as Jeanne Barceneva- A waitress at club liquidators and the sister of the bar.

How To Watch Better Than Us Season 2

Better Than Us Season 2 Release Date
Better Than Us Season 2 Release Date

As we already discussed that Better Than Us is a Russian drama web series directed by Andrei Jankowski.

This web series was released on the Russian State Channel named C1R. After that, Netflix has taken the streaming rights of Better Than Us by changing the name of the series.

Now, this series is currently available for streaming on Netflix where you can watch all episodes in English along with many other languages.

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