Bhoot Police Full Movie

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Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor stars Bhoot Police full movie now released on Disney Plus Hotstar. You can easily download and watch.

Bhoot Police full movie was about to release in a cinema hall but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was released on the OTT platform.

Recently released movies and web series of Disney Plus Hotstar i.e.  BHUJ: The PRIDE OF INDIA and The Empire is the most loved content in recent times.

Now, everyone was expecting the same from the Bhoot Police movie.

Does this movie succeed in matching the expectations of the audience?

Let’s talk:

Bhoot Police Full Movie: Download & Watch

Bhoot Police full movie is the story of OCCULTIST, who are brothers. One of them don’t believe in ghost but another one belives.

At present, both the brothers are earning money by doing fraud.

There is an entry in their story of Yami Gautam and she claims that the ghost has returned to her area, whom her father had killed 27 years ago.

Bhoot Police Full Movie Download
Bhoot Police Full Movie Download


Now, what happens next? Will these people be able to drive away the ghost or not?

To know this, you have to watch Bhoot Police full movie streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

But you can watch for free by just clicking below:


Bhoot Police full movie is a decent one-time watchable film. This film doesn’t go over the top.

Positive Points

» The story of the film is very good and engaging. This film succeeded in creating a good environment of horror.

» The twists and turns of the film will a little bit surprise you. The twists and suspense in the climax scene were worth watching and lovely.

» The dialogues of the film were decent and the one-liners punch is well written.

» The scary scenes of the film will not make you much scared.

Saif Ali Khan as Vibhooti
Saif Ali Khan as Vibhooti


» The production value of the film was decent. Clearly looks that this film was shot during covid.

» The film was good in the technical department. There were no songs in the film except one in the climax.

» The BGM of the film was also good but the sound effect was totally average.

» The cinematography of the film was brilliant. Hospice (Dharamshala) was shown very well.

» There is nothing NONSENSE in the film. The film is absolute to the point. There were no-nonsense romantic scenes shown here.

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Negative Points

» The supporting cast of Bhoot Police was extraordinarily brilliant. But these supporting casts were not used in a good manner.

» There were very few scenes of horror and comedy.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Kanika
Jacqueline Fernandez as Kanika


» Yami Gautam and Jacqueline Fernandez were totally useless in this film. Especially Jacqueline Fernandez. Her acting was very rubbish.

» There are also some editing mistakes in the movie. The scenes were cut but failed to merge properly.

Cast Performances

» Saif Ali Khan is the main and powerful element of the film. His comic timing is unbeatable and unmatchable that creates the environment.

Apart from comedy scenes, his emotional and scary scenes are excellent and must-watch.

Yami Gautam as Maya
Yami Gautam as Maya


» The cast of Yami Gautam and Jacqueline Fernandez doesn’t make sense. They don’t have much role and focus in the film.

» Arjun Kapoor performed their role in a decent way. Yes, his acting was not extraordinary but decent.

» Some scenes of Javed Jafri were brilliant. Especially two scenes.

Bhoot Police Movie: Final Verdict

Bhoot Police full movie is an interesting one-time watchable film. You can watch and enjoy it at once.


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