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Finally, after a long wait, the much-awaited Bhuj: The Pride of India full movie has been released.

This is the second patriotic movie during independence day after Shershaah. This was also released at the time of independence day.

Bhuj: The Pride of India full movie was one of the anticipated films since the years. This film’s rights were grabbed by Disney Plus Hotstar very long back.

But finally, it was released.

Ajay Devgan as Vijay Karnik
Ajay Devgan as Vijay Karnik

Does this film is the perfect patriotic film of this year?

Does it matches the expectations?

Here I am going to discuss everything in brief.

Bhuj: The Pride of India Full Movie

Recently Disney Plus Hotstar released City of Dreams Season 2 which get a very positive response.

Now coming back to the point.

Bhuj: The Pride of India full movie is the story of the 1971 India-Pakistan War. That time Bangladesh was made.

What is the role of Bhuj in this 1971 war of India-Pakistan?

To know all these you have to watch Bhuj: The Pride of India. Stream now for FREE.


Bhuj: The Pride of India is a well-made movie with some defects. Of course, this is not a perfect film but it will grab your attention.

Positive Points

» The real incident part of this film was incredible. How did females re-constructed the runway of Bhuj? It beautifully shows here.

» There are so many stars present in this film. But the good thing is no one tried to over-shadowed anyone.

Bhuj The Pride of India Movie
Bhuj The Pride of India Movie

» The screenplay is written very well. You will not get to see simple and one-directional screenplay.

» The first 15 minutes of the film will grab your attention. You will definitely enjoy the war scenes in the first 15 minutes.

» The choreography of actions and war scenes is simply brilliant and outstanding. Actions scenes are not copied from anywhere. In fact, it’s unique.

» The VFX of the film is outstanding. There are some scenes where the VFX looks weak. But those are ignorable.

Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt

» The music of the film was very good. It gives goosebumps when the music plays during the war and action scenes.

» Especially, the song played in the climax scenes. This will definitely melt your heart.

» There is a lot of thrill element in this film from the beginning to the end. This succeeds in engaging the audience.

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Negative Points

» This film looks a little weak in terms of emotions. This movie should be more emotional.

» The casting of Nora Fatehi doesn’t make any sense. It looks mismatched.

Nora Fatehi as Heena Rehman
Nora Fatehi as Heena Rehman

» Some VFX shots are weak. If this was done properly, then it will be huge.

» The main negative point of this film is that it releases on OTT platforms. Because the visuals and VFX will be more enjoyable in theatres.

» The dialogue of the film is massy. The class audience will not like the dialogues.

Cast Performances

» Ajay Devgan as Vijay Karnik will blow your mind with his incredible performance. He is the master in the field of acting.

» Sanjay Dutt also nailed their role and shines out very well. He is also an expert in his field.

» Sharad Kelkar is the main key of every film. His appearance will definitely amaze you.

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

» Sonakshi Sinha as usual doesn’t perform well. Her acting and expression don’t make any sense.

» Nora Fatehi failed to leave an impact in this film. She fails every time in terms of acting.

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Final Verdict

Bhuj: The Pride of India is a must-watch film for everyone. It describes the bravery and struggle of our Indian soldiers.


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