Extracurricular Season 2 | Will Release On This Day!

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After a highly successful and entertaining first season, Extracurricular Season 2 is coming back once again. Here are the release date and latest updates.

Fans of the drama will be wondering what the future holds for the series. That firmly rests in the hands of Netflix who have yet to decide on the future of extracurricular season 2.

But we’ll be keeping track of everything related to season 2 including the renewal status and Netflix release date.

Extracurricular Season 2: Plot

Extracurricular is a Netflix original crime drama series written by Jim Hanse and directed by Kim Jin-Min

The series stars Kim dong-hee who starred in the extremely popular series Itaewon class and Sky Castle.

Jung dubbin, the female lead of the series at the extremely young age of 19 is already a veteran of the small screen having appeared on television since the age of five to fulfill his ambition of going to university.

Jung Da Bin
Jung Da Bin

High school student Og Su commits crimes to pay for his tuition. School bully Seo Min gets embroiled in the crimes committed by Og Su along with other students looking to make some quick cash.

Going from model student to criminal, Oji Su faces unpredictable dangers to see out his goal at the time of writing.

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Latest Updates

Extracurricular has been available to stream on Netflix for a week and has already been well received by drama fans.

It’s still early for Netflix to decide on the future of the series which can typically take the streaming service up to a month and longer.

To renew Korean dramas, have been extremely popular on Netflix with the genre firmly finding its home on the streaming service.

Kim Dong Hee
Kim Dong Hee

It may take a while as other Korean dramas have taken time to announce their renewals such as Sweet Home Season 2 and persona.

But we’re fully expecting to see Extracurricular Season 2 received its renewal soon until the renewal has been confirmed.

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Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date

All we can do is speculate on the release of the Extracurricular Season 2 taking into consideration that the first season of extracurricular went into production in the late spring or early summer of 2019.

This show was about to be released in April 2021 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it couldn’t happen as per plans.

Da bin Jung as Seo Minhee
Da bin Jung as Seo Minhee

Extracurricular Season 2 expected date to release by the end of 2021 but nothing can be said for sure. Netflix has already pushed release dates of many shows and movies ahead due to the ongoing pandemic.

But one thing is for sure, there is no such news about the cancellation of season 2. Yes, season 2 will come but it may take some time longer than usual.

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Season 2 Cast

Below is the star cast that is returning from season 1 to season 2:

  1. Kim Dong-Hee as Oh Jisoo
  2. Da-bin Jung as Seo Minhee
  3. Min-Su Choi as Mr. Lee
  4. Kim Yeo-jin as Lee Haegyoung
  5. Lauren Han as Minhee
  6. Angie Kim as Su-Ji
  7. Paul Syre as Ji-Su
  8. David Chen
  9. Kim Kwang-gyu as Byung Kwan
  10. Victoria Grace as Hyemin
  11. Brandon Win as Kang Bbang
  12. Chase Yi as Gi-tae
  13. Nicole Fong as Students
  14. Darren Keilan as Students
  15. Park Joo-Hyun as Bae Gyuri
  16. Nam Yoon-Su as Kwak Kitae
  17. Hyuk-Kwon Park as Cho Jinwoo

It is likely expected to have the same cast members of Season 1 in Extracurricular 2.

The new cast members of season 2 are yet to reveal. Netflix hasn’t announced the new cast members yet.


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