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Rumors have been swirling for a while now that will there be a season 15 of Heartland?

Wow, it’s been that long already. The fans will be happy to know that the series has officially been confirmed for renewal.

However, the 15th season might also be its last. Yes, we know the thought is unfathomable, but good things must come to an end.

The longest-running scripted drama in Canadian television history will continue its record-breaking run.

We’re going to talk about why Heartland Season 15 release date. Might also be its last.

The new season was confirmed by CBC. Recently a video was shared by heartland’s official youtube account in June 2021.

They informed everyone that the 15th season is coming. Amber Marshall, herself appeared in the video. 

From cast and crew, you might also want to follow a heartland’s official Twitter account for the latest deets.

Filming began on June 7th and if you want to follow along with the production process, you can check the social media handles of the show’s stars where they often post behind the scenes, reels, and photos.

The Heartland Season 15 will wrap its production in December although, throughout summer, fans can look forward to on-set updates and tidbits.



In season 14’s premiere, Ty dies after suddenly developing deep bone thrombosis that was the result of a gunshot wound. There are theories that it could also be caused by excessive time spent playing video games.

His death impacted the entire season and although season 14 has yet to conclude his death, might result in complications and might carry over to season 15.

Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming
Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming

Further making things complicated is that Amy and Ty have a daughter together named Lindy. Amy is now faced with raising their daughter alone and that is likely to be an ongoing plot that will carry over to season 15.

Another key plot in season 14 is Amy’s sister taking on the office of the mayor of Hudson Georgie. Meanwhile is keen on entering the Olympics as a trick rider.

Further developments in season 14 might alter these storylines they’re likely to persist into season 15.

The series debuted in October 2007 and is based on the book series of the same name written by Lauren Brooke. It follows Amy Fleming and her older sister Louise or Lou on their family ranch in Alberta.

The heartland book is a 26 novel series, so that means there are still a few more books to go before the story is wrapped up. This also means that the series still has a lot of material to work on and it could go well beyond season 15.

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This is just one of the reasons why season 15 might not be the last season but the showrunners and producers don’t only look at the source material when it comes to deciding if they should continue a certain series or not.

Amber Marshal
Amber Marshal

A show’s rating is also very important. If nobody’s watching anymore then it makes no sense to continue a series. So how has heartland been performing throughout its 14 seasons?

In the drama genre, heartland ranks at the 99.6 percentile mean that it has higher demand compared to 99.6 of all drama titles in Canada.

Although, viewership decreased slightly and there’s still a lot of interest in the show. However, season 15’s production is yet to be wrapped up and everyone is still yet to find out its ratings based on season 14.

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Heartland Season 15 Release Date

The show used to have 18 episodes each season except the first one which only had 13 episodes. Over the last few years, the number of heartland episodes has been fewer.

Season 12 had 11 episodes and seasons 13 and 14 only had 10 episodes each. It looks like that trend will continue in season 15 as well.

According to CBC’s official press release, Heartland season 15 will only have 10 episodes. Fans will enjoy 10 hour-long episodes. 

Heartland Season 15 Release Date
Heartland Season 15 Release Date

Aside from the announcement that there will be the 15th season, CBC also announced that they already have a premiere date for season 15. 

Fans will be happy to know that they won’t have to wait until next year to watch the new season as it will be debuting on October 17th.

Premiere dates are very early, but everyone is in luck as CBC decided to not only treat people with renewal news. At the same time, the show will be continuing its usual slot of Sunday nights at 7 pm.

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Though the show’s core cast has changed significantly since its earliest days. The same group of actors has remained at the show’s forefront.

Amy Fleming portrayed by Amanda Marshall has been in every episode of the series for more than 200 episodes. Her lead role in the heartland is the most recognizable and most memorable. 

Sean Johnson plays Jack Bartlett. He is the only other character to appear in every episode.

Heartland on Netflix
Heartland on Netflix

Rounding up the primary cast:

Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming

Chris Potter as Tim Fleming. 

Alicia Newton as George Morris

However, there’s a little bit of bad news when it comes to Chris Potter. He won’t be returning to the show for the 15th season due to a plot point.

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Production Updates

Don’t even think about trying to catch the cast in production as they shoot in a secret location. People do try to find it all the time but it’s a private residence so no tour buses are driving.

The family that owns the property does not have any connection to the show and they originally thought that the cast was only going to be on their premises.

However, it has been 14 years and they are still at the property, shooting more new episodes.

Amber Marshall and Kerry James
Amber Marshall and Kerry James

How does the family feel about it? They must surely be happy that their premises have been on Canadian television for more than a decade.

Being Canada’s longest-running tv drama with characters that we love and hate as well as horses and cows. Many people are wondering what makes heartland tick for 14 years.

Amber Marshall has been playing the horse whisperer in the Canadian series and all the while, her character has gone through life’s various ups and downs, dating marriage parenthood, and even becoming a widow in the season.

They had no choice but to make her a widow because Graham Wardle wanted to leave the show.

It wasn’t a surprise because he let everyone knows five years ahead of time.

Marshall thinks that people are craving wholesome content and this is what makes the show tick. She attributes the longevity of the heartland to the fact that it is such an easy show to watch.

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