High Rise Invasion Season 2 | Great News For The Fans!

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Hello anime lovers! We have great news for you today regarding the High Rise Invasion Season 2

If you are a real anime lover, it is impossible not to have heard of High-Rise Invasion.

After 12 episodes full of tension, we are more excited than ever for its second season.

Will there be a season 2 of high-rise invasion? If it will be released, when?

Keep reading for answers to these questions. 

High Rise Invasion Anime Season 2: Story

High-Rise Invasion is an anime created by Netflix and aired on February 28, 2021. It was published in the mystery and horror category on Netflix.  

In this anime, a high school teenager named Yuri Honjō finds herself in a place she never expected, which is equipped by masked attackers determined to kill their victims.  

After learning that her older brother Rika is also here, she tries to find him, but this is very difficult and she has to fight the attackers with this mask.


Will There Be a Season 2 of High Rise Invasion?

Ohaya Minna
Ohaya Minna

Yes, of course, there will be a second 2 of high-rise invasion.

We watched in the first season what this fatal journey brought her. But there’s a lot we need to know about Yuri and Rika in the second season of High-Rise Invasion.

That’s why we look forward to the 2nd season. 

At the same time, we can say that there will be a few seasons to watch because it is an anime adapted from the manga. Because there is much more to tell.

We watched 149 episodes from 259 episodes of the original manga in the first season. So we can say that we will watch the remaining 110 episodes in the second season.

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When Will Season 2 of High Rise Invasion Come Out?


In the final episode of the first season, there is a big hint in the part of after-credits about the release of the second season with the inscription “This Realm Will Not End”.

After this hint, we suggest you wait for the second one because don’t worry it will certainly be renewed. 

We hope that the second season will also contain 12 episodes, as Netflix has been stable in the number of episodes.

The fact that much more action-packed episodes await us in the second season is inevitable.

We wonder if Yuri will be able to reunite with her brother Rika for the second season. Because Aiwaka, who kidnapped her brother, is a very strong opponent.  

Let’s see if Yuri can defeat Aiwaka and reunite with his older brother.

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Release Date

High Rise Invasion
High Rise Invasion

As for when High-Rise Invasion Season 2 will air, of course, we have some guesses. We expect 2nd season to be released in February 2022.

Accordingly, we may receive its trailer at Christmas present in January, at the beginning of 2022. 

Now we have a few questions for you. What are your thoughts on the first season?

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