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Mimi full movie was about to release on 30th July 2021 but due to piracy and leak, this movie is released before its time.

Yes, Pankaj Tripathi and Kriti Sanon star MIMI full movie are now released before its release date.

Due to some heavy piracy and leak, this film comes before time.

Today we are going to discuss whether this film is worth watch or not for you?

Does this film match the expectations of the audience?

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Mimi Full Movie

Half of the story of Mimi full movie is the same as shown in the trailer and half of the story is different.

Mimi full movie is the story of a foreign couple who can’t produce a child on their own.

Due to this reason, they are searching for a surrogate mother. Now Kriti Sanon agrees to become the surrogate mother.

Mimi movie
Mimi movie

Kriti Sanon agrees because she wants money so that she may become a heroine.

Now, what happens next?

Why that foreign couple is not accepting their child?

To know all these answers, you have to watch Mimi full movie i.e. available on Jio Cinema for free as well as on Netflix.


Mimi full movie is one of the best movies of this year. The mixture of humor and emotions is at the next level.

Positive Points

  • The comedy portions of this film are outstanding and hilarious. Some of the scenes of this film will make you laugh like a hell.
  • The dialogues of this have been written very smartly and brilliantly. Especially the dialogues are written for Pankaj Tripathi.
Pankaj Tripathi
Pankaj Tripathi
  • The emotional portion of this film is covered very well. The emotional scene shown in the interval has set the tone for the film.
  • The climax of this film is next-level emotional. You can’t able to stop your tears in the climax.
  • The screenplay of this film is super-hit. The total duration of this film is 2 hours and 12 minutes, which will not make you feel bored anywhere.

The first half of this film is very fast. You will be able to understand the characters properly with lots of comedy in the first half.

The second half of this film also contains comedy scenes with a better build-up in the emotional scenes.

  • The twist and turns and the drama are very brilliant.
  • The music is also up to the mark. Music creates meaning in every situation of this film.

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Negative Points

This film has no negative points. You can’t able to find any mistakes as this film is a masterpiece.

Every single scene of this film has been written with lots of hard work and smart work.

From the beginning to the climax, Mimi full movie has made a special place in our hearts.

Cast Performances

  • The first half hero of this film is Pankaj Tripathi. From the starting scene itself, he performed every comedy scene very brilliantly.
  • Kriti Sanon was OK in the first half but became the blast in the second half from her emotional scenes.
Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon

The body language of Kriti Sanon and her accent of the pregnant lady will definitely win your heart.

  • The performance of Manoj Pawa and Ratna Pathak Shah was outstanding.

The emotional scenes performed by Manoj Pawa and Ratna Pathak Shah in the climax will make your eyes melt.

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Final Verdict

Mimi Full Movie is one of the best movies of this year with the perfect mixture of humor and emotions. This film matches every expectation of the audience.

You can definitely watch this film and enjoy it.


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