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The web series Squid Game all episodes are currently going through about every popular title in yours with the global fandom and chatter that exists around any title leads to splitting audiences into two sections:

  1.  I wholeheartedly enjoyed the series for its entertainment quotient.
  2. Who in retrospect conclude that it is overrated and that the hype around it is unwarranted.

I fall in the category of the people who were recommended this show probably a week after it was released. It came out probably loving it more than the people that recommended it to me.


Squid Game All Episodes: Story With No Spoiler

Squid Game is a 9 episode South Korean web series that is available on Netflix that focuses on the establishment that recruits individuals that are struggling with debt and financial troubles in real life.

Urging them in exchange for money to take part in a competition where they will be playing children’s games.

When our protagonist young and unemployed father and divorcee decides to join the game, he realizes that it is a case of life and death in each game where there will be only one winner.

Squid Game Web Series
Squid Game Web Series

The kinds of games that they participate in the interpersonal relationships that are formed and of course the carnage and bloodshed that follows form the crux of this web series.

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Here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of it. I’m going to be presenting a non-spoiler review. So be with me from beginning to end. I am revealing nothing substantial about the plot:

Positive Points

» It provides several hints throughout its episodes that allude to or connect to the events that take place in the future for a lot of people who have a keen eye for detail.

» The series provides a commentary on the inequalities of income and class and how society is structured in its capitalistic form today. The motive was presented in a very simplistic manner.

» If it is kept behind the scenes or the puppeteers is still a mystery in this season as it peaks more of an interest into the world rather than giving us every detail about it.

Lee Jung jae as Seong Gi hun
Lee Jung jae as Seong Gi hun

» The first three episodes with great attention to detail channelize a gambit of emotions that make you invested not only in the world but the characters as well.

» Many times feeling a sense of exhaustion in the first few episodes can be a red flag for a series but the Squid Game can engage you immediately.

» The background score and action sequences were next to brilliant. The amazing soundtrack of the squid game enhances the quality of its running minutes.

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Negative Points

» If you watch the English dubbed version of the squid game, many South Koreans have also complained about the botched subtitles of the show which are uncomfortable according to them.

» It is also important to identify that the premise is not unique. You can create several parallels with storylines like the Japanese thriller series Alice in Borderland or even the South Korean thriller film Battle Royale.

Stephanie Komure as Mi Nyeo
Stephanie Komure as Mi Nyeo

» It can take something so basic on paper and make you anxious throughout its running minutes.

» For whosoever thinks that it is something that has been never seen before, that bubble bursts real quick.

» The series suffers from the same problem that Indian films face when they cast foreign actors. We usually have a problem with Americans in Indian films probably having the most over-the-top acting.

» It slows down on the exponential level after three episodes but it is not detrimental to the screenplay of the series.

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Technical Aspects

» The world created in which participants play the game is something to marvel at from a visual perspective.

Squid Game Season 1
Squid Game Season 1

» The wardrobe was designed for the games and for the guards to be these cold-blooded mast figures and for there to be a sense of dread in the eyes of the participants.

» The set design and world-building for the games are something that made you feel wonderful.

Squid Game All Episodes: Final Verdict

Squid Game all episodes are definitely worth your time on Netflix. This series sheds light on several issues that we face from inequalities of income, wealth, and status.

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