Sweet Home Season 2 | Exclusive Updates You Need To Know!

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Netflix web series Sweet Home Season 2 is one of the most trending topics all over the internet. Sweet Home Season 2 release date became the big question after the huge success of Season 1.

Everyone continuously asking for its release date, post-production, cast, and many more.

Well, Netflix is still silent about the release of the second season. They are not in a mood to drop any hint regarding the series.

But, we have some interesting and exciting updates regarding the Sweet Home Netflix season 2 release date. 

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date
Image Credit: Youtube/Netflix Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

So, stay with us from the beginning to the end and we will share with you something exciting.

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Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home is a zombie Korean drama web series that was released in the year 2020. Sweet home is based on the comic book of Yongchan Hwang.

After an unexpected family tragedy, Cha Hyun decided to leave his home to live in an apartment.

Shortly thereafter, the wild beasts began to destroy mankind. The people inside the apartment are trapped seeing animals crawling all over the place.

Now he must fight every effort to try and chase time to save the rest of the human race before it is too late.

Most people from all around the world loved this show very much. That’s the only reason fans are eagerly waiting for its second season.


Will There Be a Season 2 of Sweet Home?

There were so many rumors in recent times about the cancellation of season 2. Some people say that Netflix will not renew the second season.

But that’s not exactly true.

Netflix hasn’t renewed the second season officially. But season 2 is not canceled yet. Season 2 will come.

Sweet Home
Image Credit: Youtube/Netflix
Sweet Home

When season 1 was released, it performed very well all over the world, especially in the United States. It remained on the list of Top 10 Netflix Shows for a very long time.

So, Yes. There will be season 2 of Sweet Home.

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Release Date

Due to Covid, the release date of many shows on Netflix has been extended and this is the new show of Netflix. That’s the reason behind the delay in the renewal of the second season.

If this series will be renewed at the right time, then the shooting for the second season will start in December 2021.

Till now the shooting for this show has not started.

The shooting and the post-production work will take around 8-9 months.

Sweet Home Netflix
Image Credit: Youtube/Netflix
Sweet Home Netflix

If everything goes fine, then Sweet Home Season 2 may release in December 2022. If anything delays, then this series may release in December 2023.

In the coming times, you will get official updates regarding the series.

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For those who thought that season 2 would not come, then it is not so.

Yes, season 2 renewal is pending but that will not take much time. It will be renewed in the coming months.

As soon as the official update regarding the series will come, we will inform you.

Till then, stay tuned.

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